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Router - The technology in the background


Modern routers are real all-rounders. They include so many additional features now that you should not underestimate their power. Let’s start with the topic WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Almost all devices have the convenient wireless communication technology. Germany knows the “IEEE 802.11-Norm" as WLAN. The US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy call it Wi-Fi on the other hand. The range of possible channel width has increased substantially in recent years: a, b, g, n, ac and ad. Or to be exact: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac und 802.11ad.

Internet protocol

If the router already includes an internet-capable modem the speed of the protocols differ vastly. Most support the DSL technology (Digital Subscriber Line). Here you can reach up to 16.000 Mbit/s download. It is only faster with VDSL (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line). Here up to 200 Mbit/s download speeds are possible. But if you want via LTE (Long Term Evolution) or via cable into the internet, special hardware has to be provided. The simple router is no longer sufficient enough. But even here there are plenty of solutions to different routers.


In many routers the phone functionality is now self-evident. Partially router can already replace conventional telephone systems. Besides the classic analogue connection, most devices now also offer ISDN and Voice Over IP. Many features such as fax, voicemail with automatic send the messages or the remote access to the internal Media Server (NAS) . There are numerous features that significantly differentiate the devices to each other.

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As diverse as the functions of the router, so different are the demands of consumers. No one wants to pay for a service that cannot be used. To find the right hardware tailored to save money is more important. By using our intelligent search, we can help you solve this problem. Only a few clicks are needed to find a suitable router. The hour-long search for different devices on the market is a thing of the past. A lot of test report websites, comparison sites and other portals unfortunately just use the same slogans to show you the supposedly best price. But what if you only had to pay half the sum, just because your requirements are absolutely sufficient for the equipment. It doesn’t always have to be the high-end device, if last year’s winner offers the same performance, but at a fraction of the price.


You might wonder how we finance our website. Thanks to the large partner Amazon, we earn a small provision with each item that’s bought via our link to Amazon. It’s important to know that there are no additional costs for you. We should also mention that only you select the router that’s right for you. We hope that you’ll find a suitable router in the end, one that fits you.

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Here on this comparison site, you can easily and quickly compare two individual routers with each other. Or you select a pair from already popular comparisons. With each comparison, you can immediately gather and compare all important criteria. We also offer a direct link to the large number of reviews on Amazon. We want you to be satisfied when you leave our site, because that is our top priority. You should find the right new hardware specifically for your needs. In this, we support you.